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Snoooooow Whiteeeee by Michiyruu Snoooooow Whiteeeee :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 6 2 Dem Boyz by Michiyruu Dem Boyz :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 3 1 Taking the easy way out by Michiyruu Taking the easy way out :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 3 4 [MM] Quinton by Michiyruu [MM] Quinton :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 12 33 What's the use of feeling, Blue? by Michiyruu What's the use of feeling, Blue? :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 343 18 Puppyyyy by Michiyruu Puppyyyy :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 3 4 UNDER THE MISTLETOOOOEEEE by Michiyruu UNDER THE MISTLETOOOOEEEE :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 3 2 What happens in college stays in college pt.1 by Michiyruu What happens in college stays in college pt.1 :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 2 2 CALI ART DUMP by Michiyruu CALI ART DUMP :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 1 3 JoanMac Kids by Michiyruu JoanMac Kids :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 4 4 THE MEANEST BROTHER EVER by Michiyruu THE MEANEST BROTHER EVER :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 3 4 pENEEE by Michiyruu pENEEE :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 3 5 Penelopeeee by Michiyruu Penelopeeee :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 5 3 SKETCHDUMP ONELLFKDLKV by Michiyruu SKETCHDUMP ONELLFKDLKV :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 3 2 SIBLING ATTACK by Michiyruu SIBLING ATTACK :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 2 5 SIBBBBLIIINGSSSS by Michiyruu SIBBBBLIIINGSSSS :iconmichiyruu:Michiyruu 2 4
Probably some random art, most likely ocs and maybe some project designs!


Joan Doodle by daredevil48 Joan Doodle :icondaredevil48:daredevil48 8 2 I don't remember how to draw by Fayren I don't remember how to draw :iconfayren:Fayren 10 11 Dance With The Dead by daredevil48 Dance With The Dead :icondaredevil48:daredevil48 4 3 Balloons and a smokin' gun by Neskybo Balloons and a smokin' gun :iconneskybo:Neskybo 5 3 Warm Up Requests by daredevil48 Warm Up Requests :icondaredevil48:daredevil48 6 4 The Twinss by daredevil48 The Twinss :icondaredevil48:daredevil48 11 2 Roma's Halloween Costume [Blackfire] by daredevil48 Roma's Halloween Costume [Blackfire] :icondaredevil48:daredevil48 16 0 Aria's Halloween Costume [Raven] by daredevil48 Aria's Halloween Costume [Raven] :icondaredevil48:daredevil48 6 0 Monster Family: Tim Burton'd by daredevil48 Monster Family: Tim Burton'd :icondaredevil48:daredevil48 9 2 Fem Cali Quickie by daredevil48 Fem Cali Quickie :icondaredevil48:daredevil48 2 0 Kiddy Dump by daredevil48 Kiddy Dump :icondaredevil48:daredevil48 7 2 Dolce by Fayren Dolce :iconfayren:Fayren 5 0 DEM BOIZ by Fayren DEM BOIZ :iconfayren:Fayren 8 4 HAPPY BIRTHDAY POKEDOKI MAIRUCHIYRUU by daredevil48 HAPPY BIRTHDAY POKEDOKI MAIRUCHIYRUU :icondaredevil48:daredevil48 6 0 Nic Gator Giant by daredevil48 Nic Gator Giant :icondaredevil48:daredevil48 11 0 WELKEM HAM GOUDA HUNTER by Pharos-Chan WELKEM HAM GOUDA HUNTER :iconpharos-chan:Pharos-Chan 21 3


:iconkurista: :iconfuddling: :iconmairuu: :iconterracchi: :iconprincessofdisney27: :icondaredevil48: :iconfayren: :iconpharos-chan:



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Artist | Student | Film & Animation
United States
Hey Hey! Its :iconmairuu:!
New account ☆〜(ゝ。∂)

I'm a film/animation student!
But I like to draw more of my original characters and play around with my style.
This account will probably be more of stupidity than something serious lol

I'm an easily opened person so I won't bite!
If you want to get in contact with me, Skype and KakaoTalk are the way to go!
I'm a constant phone user, so DA Chat is a negative for me //gasps

I have a variety of interests but at the moment my mind has went blank!!
Not to mention I am a big cartoon nerd and watch some anime.

:iconcolorfulsparkleplz: These are my babes and brohams~ :iconcolorfulsparkleplz:
:iconterracchi: :iconfayren: :iconpharos-chan: :iconkurista: :icondaredevil48: :iconneskybo:

ID made by :icondaredevil48:


Snoooooow Whiteeeee
dID This during an art block and got it from my sketchbook which was a a redo of an old high school project 

Art and design belong to me!
Dem Boyz
I decided to draw my favorite losers that I haven't drawn in a year???
Tried playing with overlays n all that fun stuff

Characters and art belong to me! 
Taking the easy way out
In which Nic and Cali are the tired new parents and take Baldur to Burger King because it's easy to entertain babies than kids but it backfires because SOMEONE ALWAYS HAS TO DO SOMETHING BAD |DDD 

its just a funny scenario I had in my head and wanted to doodle out //WHEEZES 

[MM] Quinton
Name: Quinton "Quin"

Age: 20 years old

Height: 5'10ft

B-day: August 1st

Species: Harpy

Origin: Greece/Rome

Likes: Bad jokes, flying, exploring (where he's not supposed to), Forests/Nature, SQUIRRELS, cooking (has REALLY REALLY WEIRD CRAVINGS), mystery novels/mangas, and (BIRD //SHOT) Baths.

Dislikes: feathers being touched/plucked, cats, poachers, rain (since its hard to get around in via flying), vegatables (He'll eat them but he'd prefer something else if he can get it), and fighting with rude animals. 

Occupation: Bodyguard 

Relationship: Single

Bodyguard of: N/A

Friends: N/A

Family: Mother and three eggs (aka unhatched siblings)

Bio: Quinton was originally born and raised near Rome with his mother and father that literally acted like a loud loving Italian family. When Quinton was around 4/5 years old, his father warned him not to venture downward from the trees as there were poachers hunting around the neighboring animals. Being the young kid he was, he did it anyway and in the end it ended up costing his father's life as he tried to save his. Quin has a hatred for poachers because of this and has a horrible reaction towards them (to the point of first sight kill). Eventually his mother and him were able to continue on and didn't let this incident affect their relationship despite that Quin blames himself for it. Up until he was 19, Quin lived with his mother and helped her with the new addition to the family which are his three unhatched siblings. He took off to travel around the world to find a new home for himself but eventually wandered up to the manor. He still keeps in touch with his mother and her boyfriend to check up on them and his soon to be siblings.

Fun Facts:
-He doesn't seem like it but he's very clumsy and dorky when he thinks no one notices
-He has a different demeanor in Harpy form which is why he's more of a bodyguard than a resident 
-When he visits his family, he likes to "fight" squawk at his unhatched siblings for fun until his mother catches him and hits him
-He calls his siblings "Thing One/Two/Three" and " Do Re Mi"
-He hates cats because one time his mom left him alone for a minute as a toddler and a cat attacked him and stole some of his new feathers
-Despite that he wears glasses in human form, he can see perfectly fine in his harpy form. For some odd reason, his vision is somewhat bad in human form.
-He has a "dark" secret and will only tell the closest of friends
-He isn't just one bird, he's actually mixed which gives him a weird appearance as a harpy; he does however, when around friends and family, reveal his human face since its more expressive. 
-Despite that he was raised in a natural environment, he can't stand winter and rain because he gets too cold; he prefers to be human during these seasons (his mom calls him a wimp). 
-Has a habit of going half human/harpy form; its usually just his claws. 



What's the use of feeling, Blue?
Okay so I did this a while back and didn't want to post it here because of the controversy with the leaks and all. 
But since groups are now allowing SU's new stevenbomb artwork, I can finally post it! 
This episode was life and Blue Diamond is so beautiful!! :iconyuicryplz:

Blue Diamond/Yellow Diamond, Steven Universe belong to Rebecca Sugar/Cartoon Network
Art is by me!


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oH! Thank you so much >w<;;; 
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Oh thanks haha! I've been on a long hiatus and hid my art until my friend kicked my butt to post online (^ν^)
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